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Fred Crone

Fred Crone

Fred was our class president.

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02/28/16 02:13 PM #5    

Alana (Lanie) Schein (Slakman)

I remember the smile on Fred's face;permeating the friendly guy he was to everyone around him
R.I.P Fred

02/28/16 03:38 PM #6    

Cheryl (Pinkie) Jennings

Fred was such a great guy, he will be missed :-(

02/29/16 12:46 PM #7    

Harry Cohn

Fred and I met in kindergarten! Then we spent eight years at Bradwell. Since almost all the classes sat us alphabetically, we spent most of those years sitting next to each other (Crone/Cohn). Then it was on to SSHS, and we had most of our classes together as well as sharing a locker. Then off together to NIU. We shared so many good times and had such great stories that we told each other over and over throughout the years. I will share them at the reunion.

He will be greatly missed.

03/10/16 08:52 PM #8    

Linda Milsk (Medwin)

I received a lovely message from Fred Crone's daughter. With her permission I share the following with all of you.

"Dear Classmates,

It warms my heart to hear your memories of my Dad. He always had a friendly disposition and a mischievous side. It must be hereditary because his grandson has similar qualities. He often spoke about growing up in South Shore and had fond memories.


Carly Crone,

Fred Crone's daughter"

03/11/16 12:24 PM #9    

Joni Rittenberg (Ribera)

Even when it wasn't cool for boys and girls to hang out together in grammar school, Fred didn't care. We would sometimes walk to school together and hang out after school. Fred was always true to himself. 💔

03/11/16 01:18 PM #10    

Linda Milsk (Medwin)

Fred's daughter sent me these photos to share.  I think they capture the essence of a wonderful man!

Fred's mischievous side!

Fred with his grandchildren.

Fred's family at his Memorial Bench in Arizona.



03/12/16 11:07 AM #11    

Joni Rittenberg (Ribera)

I remember Fred dressed as a woman. Thanks for the laugh

03/13/16 06:24 AM #12    

Idene Goldman

I remember Fred as someone who was free of labels ... for himself or others. He moved easily among all "groups" without trying ... big or small, popular or not. It never occurred to me that anyone would not like Fred! He simply got along with everyone ... and today we'd characterize that as loved by all. A true and kind gentle man ... humble, humorous, and quietly wise. Our Every Man. 

The photo of his beautiful kids says it all. 

03/14/16 02:38 PM #13    

Jodey Schonfeld

Fred was a one-of-a-kind, all around great guy; he will be missed at the reunion. I love seeing these pix. Thanks to his daughter.

03/14/16 03:22 PM #14    

Robert Harvey

I was lucky enough to have lunch with Fred in Phoenix a few months before he left us. Harry Cohn put us all together and an email and phone call renewed relationship came about. I am thankful i had the time with him in our "adult" life. He was happy, out going, and reflective and i shall miss him. 

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